Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Body of Christ I

“Courtney!” My little brother’s eyes twinkled with barely contained excitement. “Come downstairs; they have a surprise for you.” I obeyed him and found our living room filled with neighbors. Since my nineteenth birthday falls after I leave for school, they had come over to celebrate early.

Little boys, older girls, mothers, and fathers -- all came. Little boys eagerly gathered around, sneaking extra brownies and showing off their newfound talents: “I can make you have eleven fingers.” Fathers expressed friendly interest: “Now, are you taking classes for your new major?” Mothers exclaimed over the quick passage of time: “I can’t believe you will be 19! I remember when you were all so little.” Older girls smiled and laughed, secure in the safety of old friendships.

Through it all, I reflected on the Lord’s blessings in my life. They truly are poured, shaken together, and running over.


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